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In order to be able to react flexibly to different market situations, it is important to have the right partners at your side. Submit your project and concentrate on your core business. We work with you to create a suitable concept for the project, based on your requirements.

This is the cornerstone for a successful completion of the task to the goal. We would be happy to create the right solution for you and will use our huge experience into the demands.

The decisive factor for the quality of our work is the interaction of open and efficient communication, conscious prioritization and forward-looking management, taking into view the overall goal.

we can do mechanics

The trouble-free production process of your machines and process units is a basic requirement for economic success of your company.

Our qualified employees have many years of know-how in special machine and plant construction.

Starting with the pre-assembly of assemblies according to the plan and parts lists, up to the complete installation and assembly of individual machines and entire systems.

We implement the projects assigned to us on our own responsibility, according to your specifications and always on demand, no matter where.

we can do electrics

The standardized, customer-specific electrical installation, from simple to complex industrial systems, requires high demands on the specialist staff working there.

We meet this requirement with many years of experience in industrial plant construction.

Considering national and international guidelines and standards, in combination with all safety-relevant tests, zwe offers the proper solution to complete your project economically and promptly.

we complete

In addition to the mechanical / electrotechnical completion, the construction of industrial production systems and machines, commissioning is one of our areas of expertise.

With its experienced, qualified commissioning specialists, zwe offers you the factor, that is required for success in order to ensure, that it is ready for production at an early stage.

It is essential for us to maintain the highest level of flexibility in your systems in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to market requirements when it comes to a reconfiguration of your systems, in terms of production diversity, capacity changes and retooling. Furthermore, the pre-commissioning of individual assemblies and machine sections is a central point of our commissioning strategy, since experience has shown us that the commissioning time increases rapidly with increasing machine complexity.

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